NYLON by Dar Zuzovsky

What a pleasure to open my morning with fresh coffee, fashion magazine and… a brand new perfumes. These two were just launched and already won costumers’ hearts. NYLON (New York-London) perfumers are more than just another scent, it’s a new brand by Dar Zuzovsky and so much more is about to come.

Dar created the first product in cooperation of James Richardson Duty Free. She worked on them at CÔte D’Azur, France, where most of the worlds’ most successful perfumes are made. In the packaging you get two scents – NYLon White – romantic and gentle, it will be suit you perfectly during the day, and NYLon Black – more strong and powerful – you should keep it around for a night out. Together they create a brand new, 3rd unique scent, you can use the a part or mix them! Right now you can find the product exclusively at JR Duty Free and wait for more updates.

nylon דר זוזוזבסקי